Friday, April 17, 2009

Sublingual Pre-Mix Kit Launched & PraiseMoves!

This is the day that YHVH has made! Let us rejoice & be glad in it!
Yes, it is very important to avoid stress for optimal health & weight. Did you know that allowing yourself to fret about your current weight is counterproductive to getting rid of it?! Kind of a catch 22, eh? But it really is important to put these things at the Lord YHVH's Feet so that we can better serve Him and free ourselves of the stress that inhibits our progress. Only He can take it away! So, I encourage you to pray, read His Word, and trust in Him that you can release & maintain your weight.
He has blessed us with many tools to help us achieve our goals. I believe hCG is one of them.
I have recently read some interesting things about YHVH God's Timing for eating. A trustworthy and insightful author, Paul Nison, is working on a new book about this subject. I will let you know when it is available. The jist is that originally God's People ate in synch with the 3rd & 9th hour sacrifices. This loosely correlates with 9AM & 3PM in modern time. More evidence from research has been produced lately about how late day eating can contribute to obesity and cravings. When the body has to use energy to digest food eaten late in the day near bedtime while it is trying to do the healing cleansing normally done during sleep, it cannot do the job efficiently and we become deprived in various ways. This leads to cravings, illness, metabolic slowdowns, etc.
Paul Nison suggests that the best way to try changing your habits to see if this would help us is:
slowly! Start by moving your last meal back a bit, with an initial goal of finishing it at least 4 hours before bedtime. Next, make that last meal smaller & smaller while increasing intake for the first 2 meals of the day. Then, once that is comfortable, one can try eliminating that meal altogether.
This is just for your prayerful consideration.
On to the goodies!

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New Sublingual Kit with Minimal Mixing!

Sheepra's Pre-Mix Mixing Kit

Easiest Mixing Kit Anywhere!

Everything CRITICAL to mixing for optimal success on Protocol

but the hCG for one Round, any Round

with minimal mixing and no precise measuring required!

  • One Amber Vial (30 ml) containing Pre-Mix of Sheepra Silver & B12 ready for mixing with 10000IU hCG

  • Ketone Sticks (100) to monitor efficacy of hCG

  • 5 (five) 1 ml Dosing Syringes with needle (for initial final mix and for every week of protocol to measure daily dose)

All that is required is to use one of the Dosing Syringes to draw out between .5 & 1 ml of Pre-Mix, add to your hCG vial, swirl to rehydrate, then remove with Dosing Syringe and add to your Pre-Mix vial.

See more Mixing Kit HERE

Useful Tip!

Non-organic meats have far higher concentrations of pesticides than all of the fruits and vegetables. And the highest concentration of pesticides is actually in non-organic butter.

So if you must buy animal products and can only buy one organic food item it should be butter. Next priority would be meats and once those are addressed, you will want to focus on the fruit and vegetable list above.

I apologize for not getting the HCG Summit to happen yet. I have recently been struggling with mercury poisoning effects that are increasingly debilitating and seem to be intensifying. It has been quite the challenge to keep serving my dear clients that are ordering from and keep the site updated. Consequently, the Summit is on hold temporarily. I will reveal a few of the speakers who are going to be contributing just for a sneak preview, and to encourage you to pray for my efforts on this project to come to fruition soon:

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