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Totally Unique Products Launching Soon!


Howdy, folks!
I was recently invited to partner with Jordan Rubin’s new venture, Beyond Organics.  Jordan is a  Believer who wrote a book called, The Maker'€™s Diet, which is a New York Times Best Seller. He was also the founder and president of Garden of Life, one of the world’s top supplement company, which he sold to pursue other ventures. That’s what this email is about.
Jordan has purchased 8000 acres of farmland in Missouri and a pure water spring in Georgia, is using an exclusive breed of cattle, and is even growing premier grasses and herbs that provide 100% of the livestock’s diet!   Amazing!!
Jordan could have “taken the money and run” from the sale of his company and never worked another day in his life, but he felt there was unfinished business he wanted to pursue.  Jordan has a healing story similar to Paul Nison’s, where he learned about natural health at an early age to overcome inflammatory bowel disease, and his passion is to help others.  Knowing the crucial importance of high quality food, Jordan discovered a way to get people top-grade animal products, as well as the world’s best spring water. Jordan and his wife, Nicky, also have a passion to help orphans (they have two adopted children) and a portion of the profits from his new venture are committed to such charity work.
Beyond Organics will begin shipping products direct to the consumer beginning in October.  Jordan had the choice of selling through retail food stores, but he decided to do so through network marketing, so not only will you be able to purchase your own Beyond Organics, but you can become a distributor yourself.   (Note: You know that I am not that into MLM-products, and neither is Jordan, but he put together a really innovative “kosher” network marketing program that they will be fully presenting in just a few weeks.  Very cool!)


Sign-up at http://www.beyondorganicinsider.com/becomeaninsider.aspx?enroller=0000015509
As of last week, Beyond Organics is now building their prelaunch customer and distributor list, called “Beyond Organic Insider”.  For a limited time, YOU have the opportunity to become a founding member, be among the first people offered to buy their meats, cheeses, dairy beverages, spring waters, and more, and to invite others to join also!
(Again, it is FREE, and you have NO obligation to buy anything.)  On this registration website are a bunch of short videos about Beyond Organics and each of the wonderful products they are producing.  As soon as you sign-up, you will be able to invite others to join too via a special link Beyond Organics will provide you. Sign-up at http://www.beyondorganicinsider.com/becomeaninsider.aspx?enroller=0000015509
To have an opportunity to buy Jordan's great new food products, you have to be referred by someone and join. That means that you will get an email explaining that you have gotten in on the ground floor of a multi level marketing company. HOWEVER! You do not have to sell anything, or tell anyone about the company, to buy the products!
I am the owner of HCGCoach.com LLC, and I don't have time to pressure you into calling anyone or selling anything. I just want to give my customers the opportunity to buy great foods! I will never contact you and try to talk you into any kind of marketing anything! To sign up to just buy the foods and ignore the rest, just Click Here
(If you get off of the sign up page, and need my number, it is 15509 and I am Shalom Shick).
For those of you who do want to make money with the multi level marketing side of this, I have to say that I think this is a pretty safe bet. Jordan Rubin's charisma, energy and drive will make this company fly! If you want to have help to do the marketing, there are folks that are holding seminars and training sessions for any of my customers that want them, and I can make sure you get whatever help you need. Or not. It is up to you. To sign up to get involved with the multi-level marketing side of things, Click Here
We are really excited about what Jordan Rubin is doing to provide top quality, organic, Biblically kosher meat and dairy products, as well as other healthy foods….and we are so happy to be able to bring it to you, your family, and your community.
Please register now, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me Sheepra@HCGCoach.com

Beyond Organic Products

Beyond Organic will begin Shipping their products starting in October 2011.

Among the highest quality, most nutrient rich foods and beverages in the world, Beyond Organics will provide:

  • Beyond Organic Green-Fed™ Standard Dairy and Meat Products

    • 100 percent Green-Fed Meat and Dairy
    • Green Fed is a diet specifically and naturally designed for cows, goats and sheep.
    • Diet items include: grass, other foliage, Forbs, legumes, and Herbs
    • Provide proper balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
    • Nutrients important for your immune system and even waist line
    • Free of toxins
    • You aren’t just what you eat… you are what “they” ate!
You won’t have to wonder where your meat came from when you are using Beyond Organic’s 100 percent Green-Fed™ Standard Dairy and Meat Products
  • Beyond Organic Really Raw Cheese™

    • 100% Green-Fed
    • Organically Produced
    • Probiotic Infused
    • Contains healthy fats: CLA & Omega 3
    • Provides high quality protein
    • Provides calcium and other minerals
    • Really easy to digest
    • Prized for its overall health benefits
    • Never heated above 101.5 degrees farenheit
    • Cheese comes in multiple delicious varieties: farmstead and artisnal
    • Hand-crafted
    • Great for immune system
Everyone loves cheese! Now you can have some thats easy to digest, very very healthy, and is guaranteed fresh.
  • Beyond Organic Amasai™ – Cultured Dairy Beverage

    • Similar to a Yogurt or Kefir but contains greater nutrition and health benefits.
    • Contains High quality Protein, Healthy fats, Vitamins and minerals, and Powerful probiotics
    • Tastes like a smoothie
    • Contains easily digestible proteins
    • Supports Immune system and Healthy Digestion
    • Even those who are lactose intolerant enjoy Amasai™ Cultured Dairy Beverage
    • Enjoy it for breakfast, as a snack, or any part of the day
    • Made for Children and Adults
    • Available in the United States for the FIRST TIME through Beyond Organic
A truly unique beverage that provides awesome nutrition and tastes delicious at the same time! What’s not to like about it.
  • Beyond Organic Beef

    • 100% Greenfed
    • Contain Powerful Nutrients Including:
      • CLA, Carnatine, Carnosine, B-6, B-12
    • Beef is naturally low in fat
    • High in nutrients
    • Loaded with great taste
    • Raised and butchered humanely, and kosher
    • Comes in various delicious varieties:
      • Ground beef, ground beef patties, hotdogs, and summer sausage
    • Part of a healthy diet and should be consumed multiple times a week
Whats for dinner? Beef… But not your run of the mill corn-fed inhumanely kept mainstream type, but delicious old-world style, nutritious Beyond Organic Green-fed beef!
  • Reign™ – Supreme Mountain Spring Water

    • Cornerstone for health & wellness
    • Water aids the transportation system – nutrients in & waste out
    • Sustainable
    • Up to 20 times more pure than other leading brands
    • Produced in the United States
Nothing beats drinking a glass of absolute pure spring water. Beyond Organic brings this to the consumer with sustainable locally drawn water and its up to 20 times more pure than other leading brands.
  • Beyond Organic Reign™ Botanical Infusions

    • Combines Reign Supreme Mountain Spring Water with Clinically studied botanicals
    • Botanicals used include:
      • Winter Cherry, Indian Gooseberry, Maitaki Mushroom & Others
    • Variety of infusions for: Fitness, Diet, Energy & Beauty
Going to a convenience store there is often a plethora of choices for beverages, 99% of them are usually very unhealthy, now Beyond Organic offers a healthy choice that is organic and delicious.
  • Beyond Organic Probiotic Water

    • First Probiotic infused Spring water on the market
    • Provides for proper hydration, healthy digestion & immune system support
    • Probiotics are critical for health, particularly health in your digestive tract
    • Probiotic literally means “For Life”!
    • Can withstand heat, pressure or other extremes.
    • You can consume powerful probiotics each meal and every day!
Hydration and digestive support are crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Beyond Organic Probiotic water gives you both worlds and can even be boiled without losing its potency.
  • Beyond Organic Probiotic Chocolate

    • Certified Organic Dark Chocolate
    • Hand crafted by 5th generation Italian chocolatiers
    • Contains antioxidants called flavinols
    • Loaded with fiber, omega 3′s, clinically studied probiotics
    • Delicious taste!
    • No Guilt! Can be consumed everyday!
Organic chocolate without guilt? Enough said… Beyond Organic’s probiotic chocolate makes eating chocolate a healthy choice, once thought impossible is now a reality.
  • Beyond Organic Probiotic Flaxseed Oil
    • One of the highest Omega-3 content foods available
    • Flaxseeds contain up to 57% Alpha Linolenic Acid which supports skin health, joint health, immune system, and overall wellness
    • Use Flaxseed oil in salads, smoothies, and right off the spoon
    • First Probiotic infused flaxseed oil on the market
    • Certified Organic
Decades of research shows that Americans do not get enough Omega-3′s or probiotics. With Beyond Organic Probiotic Flaxseed oil, you get both in one product!

Become a Beyond Organic Insider Today! Click Here to Sign Up FREE!

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Have a Wonderful Week, and be sure to sign up FREE for your opportunity to become part of Beyond Organic HERE!
Until next time:
Blessed, healthy, prosperous & FREE be,
B'Shem Yahusha (in the Name of Jesus),
with love & shalom from
                                                                Matt 19:26      
Shalom Serene Shick, BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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