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Happy Chanukkah! HCG Holiday Gifts for You!

What an exciting season this is turning out to be, with VERY interesting prospects for 2010! 
ANNOUNCING: The opening of the brand new

HCGCoach . com  Sheepra Shoppe
  It is a really great new format for shopping at that folks are already enjoying! Please note: If you had any difficulty shopping last week on the site, the transition is now complete and you will now find your shopping experience to be seamless! I really hope this will help folks to find what they need more easily, as this has been the most common problem I have been hearing up until now. I have some great ideas to help you out with folks you still are trying to get gifts for, a FABULOUS addition to allowed foods on the Protocol that will accelerate your weight release and your overall health, a couple of wee gifties for your First Day of Channukah, and a little suggestion for folks trying to do the Protocol during this Feasting time so that you can have your Nog, Gingerbread & Pumpkin Yummies & eat/drink 'em, too!

Have Yourself a Yummy Little Channukah! Nature's FlavorsEggnog Flavor Concentrate  (Kosher, Gluten free, excellent for baking, dairy applications, and beverages)Gingerbread Flavor Concentrate  (Vegan, Kosher, Gluten free, excellent for baking, dairy applications, and beverages)Organic Pumpkin Flavor Compounds (NOP Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher)

This great site has so many deelish flavors, many organic and all natural, to get you through this Feasting time without feeling deprived!  Just click the banner above to visit and find such fabulous and healthy flavorings as:

  • creamy Egg Nog

  • spicy Gingerbread

  • comforting Pumpkin

And, hey, they even have some scrumptious Pancake Syrups that are made with Xylitol, which is really good for your teeth!  No sugar or other artificial flavors.  Xylitol is great to cook with, too, and you can get a bag of that here, as well!  They even have some lovely essential oils like PINE which is even available organic and can really make the season seem traditional!

Gift Ideas Needed?

If you want to give a gift this year that will really have an impact on someone (and maybe that someone is YOU), here are some ideas that will really do the trick!

*  Gift Certificates
Valid at
 Great gadget, especially for trips!
Voice Mail, 3Way Calling, Call Fwd
for about $20/year!!!

*Another great gadget! Make Phase 2 safe
sodas that are super deelish & healthy!

*Affordable Mineral MakeupBeautiful makeup Phase 2 safe & without the icky Bismuth Oxide & other nasties in most mineral makeup...less costly, too!

Is there anything I can do to accelerate weight release rate?


Each blend of Immunitrition's Organic Cultured Vegetables has a distinct and unique flavor.  They only buy

100% raw produce that is certified organic by the USDA.  Their L. Plantarum culture is the highest quality probiotic available on the market today!

Sheepra says: "I had the BEST ROUND EVER using these veggies on Phase 2 with every meal alongside my allowed veggies.  I did compensate for the calories, but they made a HUGE difference in my satiety levels and overall health, not to mention a higher release rate than any other round!  Try it yourself and see if it works for you, too!"

Happy Chanukkah!

Here are a couple of Chanukkah prezzies for you!

  •  I got you a FREE SimpleOlogy 101 Training that will give you great tools for helping focus on your Weight Reduction Goals (or any goals for that matter!)

I also have created a greeting card for you here (& I really mean it:):
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Did you know that Yahushua/Jesus celebrated Chanukkah?!  Here is an excellent discussion from a lady on Yahoo!Answers:
Many people mistakenly believe that Hanukkah is a "Jewish Christmas" because of both holidays falling within the same time frame each winter. Actually, both holidays are known for their display of LIGHTS. Hanukkah is also called, "Festival of Lights" or "Feast of Dedication" and I will explain why.
Hanukkah begins tonight at sundown and lasts eight nights. This is NOT an empty, legalistic religious ritual as many mistakenly believe. Sure, it could be, just as some Christians religiously take communion and pray but have no relationship with the Father. If you know Him, Hanukkah is a beautiful picture of the MESSIAH! Salvation has come to us through the Jews. Through them, we were given the Word in writing and the Word in flesh. Christians, study your Hebraic roots and you'll see such depth emerge from the scriptures you'll marvel at God's vastness. If it were not for Israel, there would be no church. We are to provoke Israel, Yahweh's wife, to jealousy, and a wonderful way to do that is by keeping days set aside for remembrance. Hanukkah is also called "Feast of Dedication" and the Word shows Jesus/Yeshua participated in this post-biblical feast - it is not listed in the Hebrew scriptures with the holy-days in Leviticus. We can read about this in John 10:22-25.

The scripture says: "At that time the Feast of the Hanukkah (Dedication) took place at Jerusalem; it was winter, and Yeshua was walking in the temple in the portico of Solomon.
The Jews then gathered around Him, and were saying to Him, "How long will You keep us in suspense? If You are the Messiah, tell us plainly." Yeshua answered them, "I told you, and you do not believe; the works that I do in My Father's name, these testify of Me. "

If Jesus was born during Tabernacles/Sukkot (do a study on that - Bible teachers are divided on that theory but it's a fascinating study anyway) then He must have been CONCEIVED around Hanukkah! What a poignant prophetic picture of the LIGHT OF THE WORLD whose human form began to take shape when His Chosen People were commemorating the rededication of the temple and the Festival of LIGHTS! We as believers in Him are a temple for Him and He dwells in us.

After the revolt against the pagan Greeks, the Jews, led by Judah Macabee, rededicated the (second) temple which had been desecrated during a years-long battle that left many Jews dead from Greek persecution.

The Maccabees' fight was one against assimilation. They were determined, upon pain of death, to keep the commandments of Yahweh and not worship pagan gods, or even bow to them as was the decree from the ruler at that time, Antiochus IV.

The special lampstand used for this holy-day is called a 'hanukkiah' which is a nine-branched candlebra, similar to the menorah described in Exodus and Revelation. The hanukkiah has one candle a bit taller than the others. It is used to light the others. This candle is called a SERVANT candle, or a chumash. Jesus is a SERVANT (Isaiah 53) and brought LIGHT to men. He humbled Himself, as a servant candle bows to light the others, to being us eternal life and restore us to the Father!

Remember when Jesus preached about being the Light of the World? Remember when He said the light would be with the people for a little while? This was His prophetic Hanukkah message, so to speak. He spoke about being the Light during the celebration of Hanukkah.

The miracle of Hanukkah is one of God providing LIGHT in the DARKNESS of the TEMPLE. Ponder that symbolism awhile!

So after the Maccabees had regained control and had spiritually and physically cleaned house and run the Greeks off, they had insufficient oil to light the lamps (menorah). They had some, but only enough for a day. They used what they had, and God multiplied it. He kept the lamps burning for eight days; hence, the eight-day celebration of Hanukkah.

If life begins at conception, Jesus lit up the world when He was conceived at this time of year (again, I will readily admit this is not a clear biblical teaching ... just a conclusion many Bible teachers have reached from 'doing the math' so to speak). His light grew brighter as He bent low to serve others, like the chumash/servant candle on the Hanukkiah. The light is still drawing people all these years later. The oil that lights us inside our temples is the Holy Spirit.

So what about us? Have we ourselves been assimilated into a 'pagan culture' like believers in times past? Have we let our temples be defiled? Do you need rededication? Let the oil of the Holy Spirit light your lamp and burn supernaturally. Like the Maccabees, you don't have enough oil to do this on your own. You need a miracle to do it!
Until next time:
Blessed, healthy, prosperous & FREE be,
B'Shem Yahushua (in the Name of Jesus),
with love & shalom from
                                                                Matt 19:26      
Shalom Serene Shick, BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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This little News Flash is just to let you all know how very thankful I am for all of you and your support for! 
My husband, mother and I continue to keep you all in our prayers that you will:

Blessed, healthy, prosperous & FREE be,

B'Shem Yeshua (in the Name of Jesus),

with love & shalom from

           Matt 19:26      

Shalom Serene Shick, BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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healthcare provider.

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10% OFF Code for Miracle Noodles (aka Konjac Noodles)

These Miracle Noodles are a true Godsend!  From Angel Hair to Orzo (great for puddings and as a rice substitute) they have a wide variety of lovely pastas with O calories & O carbs!!!  Made from the fiber of a Japanese Yam, you need more fiber on P2!  What a delicious way to get it.  I love them in my soups! 
Pure Vegetable
Gluten & Wheat free
Japan Certified Organic
Pure Soluble Fiber, Zero Calories
Shelf life one year at room temperature (Don't need refrigeration)


The Ultimate Sample Pack is the best deal
And don't forget to get some Konjac Flour, made of the same stuff, and awesome to thicken soups & puddings! !

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FREE HCG Diet Holiday Cookbook

Just a short
Newsletter this time, but with some very nice goodies to
help you through the Feast Day season!

Are There Alternate Menus for P2?

I would like to know
r there any other breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
that are allowed during the HCG diet weight loss
period that u r on it? Would u happen 2 know of a
5day menu that i could go by instead of the very
same foods daily? God Bless!

You betcha!

There are some slight
modifications that don't seem to impact release rate
greatly.  The most notable that I have found is the
substitution of Protein Powder for the meat.  It is
important to be sure the one you choose has an
acceptable nutritional profile, though.  The two I
have found are the following:
Pea Protein Powder 2
Sun Warrior Natural

I have a number of recipes here that you may want to
incorporate that will provide a nice level of
variety to your menus:
P2 Recipes

In Phase 2 I pretty much
stick to the following

P2 menu


Cuke Salad



1/2 Small Granny Smith Apple
(opt. & usually made as
orTea 'Jello' recipe)


How to Feast Correctly

I think we should call it:

Get Back Friday
back to counting those calories, get back to an exercise
routine, get back to doing the little things that will
help you lose a lot of weight.

It’s not the holiday meals that that are
our downfall.  It’s not getting back on track.

Studies show that it often takes three
days to get back on a diet after a huge meal or party.
That time needs to decrease. You’ve got to make a
determined effort.  Succeeding through the holidays
isn’t about perfection, it's about getting back on track
quickly enough.

A bout of overeating or
even a binge is bound to happen sometimes. That's why
bouncing back is one of the most important habits you'll
ever learn.

Here is a typical thought
pattern that bingers have. Let's call it, "The Old Way."
"When I slip up and eat something I know I shouldn't, I
throw in the towel. I use that as permission to go on an
overeating spree. I tell myself I'll start again
tomorrow, or Monday, or next month. I already messed up,
so why bother?"

Here is an example of how
to rewrite negative thinking after you've acquired the
healthy habit of bouncing back. "When I slip up and eat
something I know I shouldn't, I forgive myself
make a better food choice
the next time. I get
right back on track and I don't spend too much time
thinking of my mistake
. It's about progress,
not perfection."

Don't let one little
indulgence prevent you from managing your weight for a

It's nearly impossible to
strive to never have a binge or bout of overeating. You
are going to make less than optimal choices some of the
time. When you make a food choice that you wish you
hadn't, you don't have to wait till tomorrow to get
back on track.
You can recommit to your health, your
weight goals, and yourself at any moment. Just pick
yourself up. Put down the food. And get back on the
right path. The quicker you can do this, the shorter
distance off track you'll find yourself.

Here are some suggestions for this year’s
Get-Back Friday:

  • Keep up a regular exercise schedule.

  • Balance your eating on the days when

    big events are planned.  Eat a low calorie
    breakfast or snack on veggies at lunch on the day
    you expect a big holiday meal. Build some
    flexibility into your eating schedule, and know how
    many calories you can afford to eat.

  • Beware the calories in drinks. 

    Alcohol and sugary sodas add hundreds of calories to
    any meal or party.

  • Ask

    yourself: What would be a better choice than this
    high sugar/processed food?  Then make a
    different choice!

  • Lean into
    YHVH/God for Help!

Please note
that if you are experiencing perimenopause and having
problems with maintenance or binge eating, I suggest you
talk to your doctor about trying Naltima.  It has
been a God-send to me in helping with both problems. 
I take 2 daily.  This is not for everyone by a long
shot.  It does have some impact on the liver, so I
like to take it with
Milk Thistle
.  The label usage is commonly for
heroin addicts and alcoholics as it blocks the opioid
receptors in the brain so that you can get over that
crazy 'buzz' that results from these substances. 
It has also been found to be effective in BED (Binge
Eating Disorder) for some people, and I am apparently
one of the blessed ones.  Another drawback,
however, is that you must wear identification to show
that you are taking it in case of an accident where you
might require pain medication, because pain medication
won't work when you are using Naltima.  So, like I
said, it isn't for everyone by any means.  If you
are in a bad way, however, and have tried everything
else, and this sounds like something that will fit your
situation, you can get it here:
I am praying for you to have a wonderful season free
of the bondage of food addiction.  Let's remember
to keep YHVH/God on the throne and not ourselves and our
desire to indulge.  Lean into Him and He will help
you through this with joy!
Until next time:
Blessed, healthy,
prosperous &
FREE be,

B'Shem Yeshua,
with love & shalom from

          Matt 19:26      
Shalom Serene Shick,
BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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substitute for treatment by a healthcare

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Inspiring Video & Free Book about Our Calling as Believers!

Inspiring Video & Free Book about Our Calling as Believers!

HCG Coach . com Television Ad Spot!

'Fall' Into the New You with HCG!

Woweee!  So much is happening in the HCG Scene!Blessings_AutumnWreath.gif picture by Sheepra
  • New HCG Book!
  • New pharmacy escrow sources of hCG!
  • How to H.A.L.T. cravings!
  • Ask Sheepra: What if I cheat?
There is MUCH more coming in the next Newsletter, so stay tuned!!!

NEW 'HCG Diet Made Simple' EBook! 


New from the author of the renowned 'Guide to Implementing the Weight Loss Cure', after even more in-depth research and personal experience. Ms. Grace enhances your understanding even further with this important new literature that will streamline the entire process of releasing weight using the HCG Diet!
There is NO other book available that will give you the avalanche of information the author has packed into this tome. Great advice that will help folks to really get results with greater ease using the fabulous Simeons HCG Diet Protocol. If you want THE book that will help you the most, this is THE ONE! That is why it is one of the elite products that has received my Seal of Approval!
Email me at to let me know you got your copy and I will send you a free HCG Dieters Gourmet Cookbook Sampler! Now there's another key volume for success on this amazingly effective regimen!
And be on the lookout for my collaboration with Ms. Grace on her next project: an HCG Guide for Vegans & Vegetarians!

I Cheated! What Now?

Q: I messaged you last week concerning being a collegiate athlete and going on the Hcg protocol. I am on day 11 and have lost almost 13 pounds!!! I have been continuing my workouts(90-120 minutes a day) while maintaing 500 calories. However, today I had a HUGE cheat. What would be my next step in this situation? Do I do an inection tommorrow am or maybe a double dose? I will be working out for about 2.5 hours tommorrow morning, which I am hoping will burn some calories. I am freaking out alot about the cheat and want to continue making big gains.

Don't cheat again!

13 lbs in 11 days!!!  That is stellar!  Okay, now don't get discouraged from the cheat.  Your next step is to simply get back on track.  You may want to drink some Smooth Move tea to help get it on outta there, but especially be aware of your water intake to ensure that it has plenty of fluid to flow out on.  Don't do a double dose ever, because that can actually cause a stall.  Also, don't work out extra to get rid of it, because, again, it could cause a stall.  Just tough it out and realize that there is nothing more you can do than what you are doing.  If you do go into a big stall that has no apparent cause, that is when Apple Days are in order (5 apples and nothing else for one day), but otherwise keep in mind that when you cheat, there is a price.  There is no way it won't set you back.  BUT, you will continue to take off what comes back on as a result at a phenomenal rate.  Learn from this lesson and use it to stay on track in future.  I am in prayer that this was something that will keep you from ever doing it again.  Remember that it is only 3 to 6 weeks, then there will be some slack.  Small price to pay for the BIG payoff in pounds released that comes from this Protocol.  Hang in there, sweetie!

The Absolute Cheapest HCG ANYWHERE Online!
The FASTEST Shipping ONLY 7-10 Business Days!

Sheepra says: "They don't call it 'BEST' for nothing!"
Cheapest HCG Online | Lowest Price HCG | Buy HCG Online | Discount HCG

Use the SAME hCG for both
Injections & Sublingual Dosing!

*** Order your HCG mixing kits from first ***

Order from the link above & let me know about it here &; get a

free HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook SAMPLER!

H.A.L.T.: A Self-Care Tool

by Gudrun Zomerland, MFT

I first came across the acronym H.A.L.T. when I was working as a counselor in chemical dependency treatment centers twenty years ago. H.A.L.T. stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired. Each one of these four physical or emotional conditions, if not taken care of, leaves an individual vulnerable for relapse.

Relapse for an addict, of course, means resumption of using to manage the discomfort, but since working in the more general mental health field I have seen how even those of us not suffering from dependency have our own forms of relapse. This may show up as relapse into other forms of addictions (excessive gambling, eating, shopping, TV watching, being on the computer, or excessive or inappropriate sexual activity -- to name just a few). Relapse may also show up as falling back into old beliefs about ourselves that result in emotional states such as shame or imagined guilt.

I have found H.A.L.T. helpful for anyone, including myself, because there is no getting away from sometimes feeling hungry, angry, lonely or tired. Following I will go through each of the four conditions in more detail in order for you to get the most out of this self-care tool.

Hunger, of course, describes the most obvious physical condition of lack of food. We all know how important it is to have regular nutritional meals -- preferably small in size. So I will not belabor this point here. But hunger can also point toward emotional needs: hunger for attention, for comfort, for understanding, or for companionship. It is very important that we have others in our lives who can give us their loving care. In 12-Step recovery circles these others are available in the "fellowships" of particular meetings. For other people these caring beings may be present in their spiritual communities, in their circle of friends, or other groups they attend. Just like we need grocery stores to take care of physical hunger, we need the community of like-minded people to fill our emotional needs. Therefore, the solution to emotional hunger is community.

The next condition, anger, is a little bit more complex and the solution perhaps a bit more challenging for some people. Here is the good news: there is nothing wrong with the feeling of anger! But here is the bad news: most of us have never learned how to express anger constructively. The way we express anger often takes hugely destructive forms. We either turn anger against ourselves or against others. Anger can range from criticizing and belittling to name-calling and physical violence. Anger can also be like a repeated tape loop; in that case it's called resentment.

Let's deal with the latter condition first. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous suggests that a person with resentment toward another pray for the other, that is, imagine all the good in life that we would like to have for ourselves to be bestowed upon the other person. My experience has been that anybody who subjects themselves to this discipline will eventually reap the benefit of feeling free from the incessant thoughts about the individual involved, and an unforeseen resolution to the conflict usually emerges.

Now let's look at the other forms of destructive anger mentioned above. First of all, you need a time out during which to breathe and be in control over the emotional charge that anger evokes. Some people actually need to do some physical activity such as walking, running, stomping or screaming (if you have privacy) to help them discharge the tension running through the body.

The next step is to look for the underlying cause of your anger. Anger is always about some form of perceived helplessness or powerlessness. Usually it can be remedied by identifying a request that needs to be made. When we make a request, we need to be willing to negotiate an outcome that works for both parties involved. Sometimes, however, the relationship dynamic that provoked the anger is so destructive that we need to distance ourselves for a while or even for good.

If you have difficulty with guiding yourself toward a time out, self-reflection, and moving toward a constructive request you may need professional help. Sometimes anger seems to run our very being and, in that case, it is usually connected to childhood trauma.

Next in the H.A.L.T. acronym is Lonely, which refers to isolating oneself. It is similar to Hunger in that the solution is the same, namely community. However, loneliness points to the difficulty of reaching out. This can have several causes, one being that isolation was a childhood survival tool, the other being emotional or clinical depression. If loneliness is either a constant or a frequent companion of yours and you don't seem to be able to come out of it on your own, again you may need professional help to look at the underlying causes.

The last of the H.A.L.T. acronym conditions is Tired. We all have a tendency to ignore tiredness at times. Several years ago I saw a video of an experiment in which volunteers were subjected to either alcohol intake or sleep deprivation. The upshot is that physical tiredness may be the cause of as many traffic accidents as alcohol consumption. It is a serious condition that endangers our wellbeing as well as that of others. The solution is of course napping or sleeping. If you have prolonged difficulty sleeping at night see your health care provider!

The other form of tiredness comes from taking on too much, being overloaded and overwhelmed -- an almost universal condition in the busy lives we all lead. The only solutions I am aware of is to cut down where you can, take short breathing breaks, step in front of your door and smell the fresh air (if available), and take vacations (frequent short ones or a good long one -- yes we can learn from the Europeans!).

Now you know H.A.L.T, an easily portable and very practical tool for everyday living. I give thanks to the people in Alcoholics Anonymous, where I think this acronym initially emerged, for using their experience to benefit us all.

Sheepra's Note: I have also found recently that visualizing myself literally leaning into Yeshua (Jesus), pushing my head into His Chest, when I am starting to get upset/angry/lonely/hungry/tired, and asking for His Help can really make a difference!

My husband, mother and I continue to keep you all in our prayers daily!Until next time:
Blessed, healthy, prosperous & FREE be,
B'Shem Yeshua,
with love & shalom from
                                                                Matt 19:26      
Shalom Serene Shick, BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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