Monday, November 23, 2009

10% OFF Code for Miracle Noodles (aka Konjac Noodles)

These Miracle Noodles are a true Godsend!  From Angel Hair to Orzo (great for puddings and as a rice substitute) they have a wide variety of lovely pastas with O calories & O carbs!!!  Made from the fiber of a Japanese Yam, you need more fiber on P2!  What a delicious way to get it.  I love them in my soups! 
Pure Vegetable
Gluten & Wheat free
Japan Certified Organic
Pure Soluble Fiber, Zero Calories
Shelf life one year at room temperature (Don't need refrigeration)


The Ultimate Sample Pack is the best deal
And don't forget to get some Konjac Flour, made of the same stuff, and awesome to thicken soups & puddings! !

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