Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest

Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest
Largie - dog
Nickname: Baby Boy
Favorite thing to do: Spoon
Most endearing bad habit: Fuzzy lip kisses (he knows NO TONGUE!)

He is the most cuddly creature I have ever encountered in my 53 years of life! I love to cuddle and never have been able to find anyone or any thing that could endure the extreme cuddles I crave!
My Charity: Humane Society of Putnam County, Inc. (Cookeville, Tennessee, United States)

Hi! My pet has something to ask you: Will you vote for him or her in the Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest - and help save other pets' lives at the same time? See my pet's picture and message above. Helping animals is really important to me, and your donation will not only help my pet in the contest, but will save pets' lives by reducing pet overpopulation. Thanks!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Deelish P2 Recipes from One of My Star Clients!

to Renee Kroll for these great P2 Recipes!
Cabbage soup:  use veggie broth to saute some garlic (let the juices dry up some, then add a little water to make a nice gravy), then cook up 100 g lean beef in it, then add shredded cabbage and add water.  Cook until cabbage is soft.  Very filling and satisfying.
Spinach stir fry:  use veggie broth & garlic as above.  Cook up 100 g. beef or chicken, then add a splash of braggs aminos, then throw in 1/2 bag of spinach and cover.  When spinach is cooked you can add in some miracle noodles and chop it all up together.  Yummy!
Orange Slushy:  Using a Magic Bullet shake mixer or other blender, put segments of one whole orange, ice cubes, cinnamon (liberally), plain Stevia, 5 drops of vanilla cream Stevia, 10 drops of orange Stevia.  Mix until smooth - oh yum!  You'll ask yourself why you ever liked ice cream!  OR choc raspberry Stevia to replace plain, vanilla & orange.
Chef Jeff's Tacos:  100 g. cooked lean beef, chop up, mix with one large chopped up tomato, add Frank's Red Hot & some chili powder.  - This was my husband's creation.
And get all your organic meats here:
If you are going to have meat, PLEASE be sure it is organic!  Blackwing has  reasonable prices and excellent choices.
P2 safe are Elk (Steak), Venison (Steak) & Buffalo (Filet & NY Strip).

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