Monday, January 25, 2010

Deelish P2 Recipes from One of My Star Clients!

to Renee Kroll for these great P2 Recipes!
Cabbage soup:  use veggie broth to saute some garlic (let the juices dry up some, then add a little water to make a nice gravy), then cook up 100 g lean beef in it, then add shredded cabbage and add water.  Cook until cabbage is soft.  Very filling and satisfying.
Spinach stir fry:  use veggie broth & garlic as above.  Cook up 100 g. beef or chicken, then add a splash of braggs aminos, then throw in 1/2 bag of spinach and cover.  When spinach is cooked you can add in some miracle noodles and chop it all up together.  Yummy!
Orange Slushy:  Using a Magic Bullet shake mixer or other blender, put segments of one whole orange, ice cubes, cinnamon (liberally), plain Stevia, 5 drops of vanilla cream Stevia, 10 drops of orange Stevia.  Mix until smooth - oh yum!  You'll ask yourself why you ever liked ice cream!  OR choc raspberry Stevia to replace plain, vanilla & orange.
Chef Jeff's Tacos:  100 g. cooked lean beef, chop up, mix with one large chopped up tomato, add Frank's Red Hot & some chili powder.  - This was my husband's creation.
And get all your organic meats here:
If you are going to have meat, PLEASE be sure it is organic!  Blackwing has  reasonable prices and excellent choices.
P2 safe are Elk (Steak), Venison (Steak) & Buffalo (Filet & NY Strip).

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