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Just a short
Newsletter this time, but with some very nice goodies to
help you through the Feast Day season!

Are There Alternate Menus for P2?

I would like to know
r there any other breakfast, lunch and dinner menus
that are allowed during the HCG diet weight loss
period that u r on it? Would u happen 2 know of a
5day menu that i could go by instead of the very
same foods daily? God Bless!

You betcha!

There are some slight
modifications that don't seem to impact release rate
greatly.  The most notable that I have found is the
substitution of Protein Powder for the meat.  It is
important to be sure the one you choose has an
acceptable nutritional profile, though.  The two I
have found are the following:
Pea Protein Powder 2
Sun Warrior Natural

I have a number of recipes here that you may want to
incorporate that will provide a nice level of
variety to your menus:
P2 Recipes

In Phase 2 I pretty much
stick to the following

P2 menu


Cuke Salad



1/2 Small Granny Smith Apple
(opt. & usually made as
orTea 'Jello' recipe)


How to Feast Correctly

I think we should call it:

Get Back Friday
back to counting those calories, get back to an exercise
routine, get back to doing the little things that will
help you lose a lot of weight.

It’s not the holiday meals that that are
our downfall.  It’s not getting back on track.

Studies show that it often takes three
days to get back on a diet after a huge meal or party.
That time needs to decrease. You’ve got to make a
determined effort.  Succeeding through the holidays
isn’t about perfection, it's about getting back on track
quickly enough.

A bout of overeating or
even a binge is bound to happen sometimes. That's why
bouncing back is one of the most important habits you'll
ever learn.

Here is a typical thought
pattern that bingers have. Let's call it, "The Old Way."
"When I slip up and eat something I know I shouldn't, I
throw in the towel. I use that as permission to go on an
overeating spree. I tell myself I'll start again
tomorrow, or Monday, or next month. I already messed up,
so why bother?"

Here is an example of how
to rewrite negative thinking after you've acquired the
healthy habit of bouncing back. "When I slip up and eat
something I know I shouldn't, I forgive myself
make a better food choice
the next time. I get
right back on track and I don't spend too much time
thinking of my mistake
. It's about progress,
not perfection."

Don't let one little
indulgence prevent you from managing your weight for a

It's nearly impossible to
strive to never have a binge or bout of overeating. You
are going to make less than optimal choices some of the
time. When you make a food choice that you wish you
hadn't, you don't have to wait till tomorrow to get
back on track.
You can recommit to your health, your
weight goals, and yourself at any moment. Just pick
yourself up. Put down the food. And get back on the
right path. The quicker you can do this, the shorter
distance off track you'll find yourself.

Here are some suggestions for this year’s
Get-Back Friday:

  • Keep up a regular exercise schedule.

  • Balance your eating on the days when

    big events are planned.  Eat a low calorie
    breakfast or snack on veggies at lunch on the day
    you expect a big holiday meal. Build some
    flexibility into your eating schedule, and know how
    many calories you can afford to eat.

  • Beware the calories in drinks. 

    Alcohol and sugary sodas add hundreds of calories to
    any meal or party.

  • Ask

    yourself: What would be a better choice than this
    high sugar/processed food?  Then make a
    different choice!

  • Lean into
    YHVH/God for Help!

Please note
that if you are experiencing perimenopause and having
problems with maintenance or binge eating, I suggest you
talk to your doctor about trying Naltima.  It has
been a God-send to me in helping with both problems. 
I take 2 daily.  This is not for everyone by a long
shot.  It does have some impact on the liver, so I
like to take it with
Milk Thistle
.  The label usage is commonly for
heroin addicts and alcoholics as it blocks the opioid
receptors in the brain so that you can get over that
crazy 'buzz' that results from these substances. 
It has also been found to be effective in BED (Binge
Eating Disorder) for some people, and I am apparently
one of the blessed ones.  Another drawback,
however, is that you must wear identification to show
that you are taking it in case of an accident where you
might require pain medication, because pain medication
won't work when you are using Naltima.  So, like I
said, it isn't for everyone by any means.  If you
are in a bad way, however, and have tried everything
else, and this sounds like something that will fit your
situation, you can get it here:
I am praying for you to have a wonderful season free
of the bondage of food addiction.  Let's remember
to keep YHVH/God on the throne and not ourselves and our
desire to indulge.  Lean into Him and He will help
you through this with joy!
Until next time:
Blessed, healthy,
prosperous &
FREE be,

B'Shem Yeshua,
with love & shalom from

          Matt 19:26      
Shalom Serene Shick,
BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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