Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Newsletter Flash!


Newsletter FLASH!

Now through tomorrow (03/23/11), please enjoy 5% off your entire purchase at MiracleNoodles!

Miracle Noodle turns 5 years old today!!  On March 22nd 2006
they put our website on the internet live.  On March 23rd they got
one sale:)

Since then they have sold over 1,150,000 packs of noodles!!
They have expanded their  line and will be releasing new products
this summer. And Garlic and Herb Fettuccini in around 1 month.

Though the noodles in North America are made in the US, they have
many friends and contacts in Japan who have helped them on this
journey and they thought about how to help things in Japan.
Thankfully, all of their friends there are ok.  Several of them have
already donated money but they thought about how to involve more

In addition to giving a 5% coupon (coupon code '5th') on all sales
for today and tomorrow they will also be contributing 5 dollars
from every sale to rescue.org to assist in the Japanese recovery.  
It is a very small gesture but if a lot of people come together, small
amounts can add up.



Until next time:
Blessed, healthy, prosperous & FREE be,
B'Shem Yahusha (in the Name of Jesus),
with love & shalom from
                                                                Matt 19:26      
Shalom Serene Shick, BSChE, Health Minister, Student ND

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