Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When Pigs Fly = Swine Flew!

Well, of course the latest is the big press on Swine Flu! And there is a push to get vaccinated as well. I gotta tell ya, I think that is a very bad idea!
Here are just a few reasons why:
  • The vaccination is likely to contain mercury as a preservative, which is already causing problems for a lot of folks, including me, but especially children (autism highly suspected of being caused by mercury laden vaccines).
  • It is only able to potentially relieve symptoms for 36 hours, at best.
  • Costs over $100.
  • Potential side effects include convulsions, delirium and even death!
The recommended vaccination is Tamiflu, which was banned by Japan for use with children in 2007 due to the dangers associated with it. I also find it significant that high profile public officials, including Donald Rumsfeld, own many shares in Tamiflu stock, consequently poised to make a lot of money when folks rush to get the vaccinations.
But I ask you, do you remember 1976? That is when Swine Flu made another public appearance in the US setting off races to be vaccinated. That vaccination caused more people to be crippled and/or die than actually got the Swine Flu!
Do you remember the Avian Flu scare? Right, nothing much really came of that either. So reconsider the idea of getting those vaccinations and look at much more healthy and effective alternatives instead. The most important thing to do is to build your immune system and here are the best ways to do just that:
  • Increase your fresh vegetable (especially greens) and fresh fruit in your diet. And get a free e-book on 'High Raw Eating' HERE (note: if you choose to purchase the hardback, please be sure to note on the purchase page that Shick referred you, otay?). Giving your body the best foods to fuel it is going to enable your immune system the most.
  • Get enough sleep, especially including the hours between 10 PM & 2 AM when most healing has been shown to take place.
  • Increase your Vitamin D3. Getting 20 minutes daily of sunshine is the best way to do this, but if you need to supplement, that's okay, too. Even 2000 IU daily has been shown to be safe, and I take 4000 IU daily since, like most folks in the US, I tested to be somewhat Vitamin D deficient. My favorite can be found HERE.
  • Osillococcinum is a very effective homeopathic remedy to take at the first signs of flu, and is available HERE.
  • Consider purchasing Miracle Mineral Supplement, also known as MMS, HERE. It can not only potentially prevent flu of all sorts, but also can help you to get over it if you do happen to get it.
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Just to let you know: I am currently preparing for Round 4 of my mercury detox using the Cutler Protocol. It is rough, I gotta tell ya! Diarrhea and nausea are just a couple of the unpleasant Herxheimer effects of this detox. But I am learning so much and trying all kinds of new things, like colon hydrotherapy, the MMS I talked about above, more ways to clean out candida, and I have a new toy coming this week called the Ultimate Zapper that I will report on in a future Newsletter. Turns out that mercury and other heavy metal toxicities (again, beware vaccinations as well as amalgam fillings), thyroid issues (hypothyroid for me), autoimmune problems (Hashimoto's in my case), parasites & candida, and just feeling really off are all interconnected! Wow! So I am praying that getting through this will pull a lot of things together for my optimal health!
I pray that you have learned a few things and gotten some inspiration from this little Newsletter issue!


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