Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) Without Nausea

MMS Professional - 4oz
Just a quick note to record my latest discovery: how to take MMS without experiencing nausea!
You will find that to get this Miracle Mineral Solution which, BTW, I have found to eliminate cold sores, inflamed gums, bitten cheek, and sore throats very handily so far, you can simply go HERE.
The biggest drawback is the tendency to become nauseated after a certain point in the regimen for increasing dosage to optimal. I reached that point and felt that body shivering aversion just by thinking about the dose to come. Tonight I tried something different.
Jim Humble's site recommends using your mixing liquid, usually a non-citric, no Vitamin C added 100% juice like apple, to make a chaser the same or half the size of your dosing mixture. He also talks about using peppermint candies to help out.
So I came up with the following:
I am fighting candida so I don't want to use fruit juices for mixing. However, since coconut has a reputation for being destructive to candida, I decided to use some low fat coconut milk (canned from Earth Fare) as my mixing liquid. I also put in a couple long squeezes on my bottle of Stevita Flavors PEPPERMINT Flavored
into my coconut milk before mixing. Then I used 2 oz of water to add to the Citric Acid/MMS mix (NOTE: I only recently learned that the Citric Acid should be added to the mixing glass BEFORE the MMS drops are added!). Okay, then I had 4 oz of Coconut/Peppermint Stevita without the MMS/Citric standing by.
After the allotted 3 minute waiting period, I chugged the MMS/Citric/Water, chased with the 2 oz of Coconut/Stevita. Make sure not to draw a breath until you are totally finished!
NEXT I used OraMD drops (2) as a final chaser. These are wonderful and made from peppermint and other essential oils, also great as breath freshener, sore throat soother (just put right on the tonsils), craving buster and toothpaste!
Worked great! Thanks to Holy Spirit for inspiring this little Protocol!

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