Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ask Sheepra!

Shorten Phase 3 &/or Skip P4? 
Q: Is it okay to only do Phase 3 for 2 weeks and then go back on to Phase 2?

Not recommended!

I do NOT recommend skipping Phase 4.  I have tried that and found that for myself, as well as many of my clients, this can really cause problems.  You need that time psychologically, for one thing, to adjust to the new, lower calorie intake while eating relatively normally, and to prevent feeling deprived if you have multiple rounds to perform in order to reach goal.  It also seems to help to stabilize the body's weight so that future rounds' maintenance is simplified.
There is one exception.  If one is morbidly obese and truly has a serious health requirement for rapid weight reduction, then this may be considered.


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