Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tip Of The Day: Sheepra's Booster Toddy

There is a new way to boost metabolism and enhance results on the Protocol that is very similar to the old Master Cleanse Diet.  Of course one is not allowed to have maple syrup on Phase 2 or 3, so that ingredient is nixed.  However, some folks have been having some success just doing the lemon juice, cayenne and water.  I tried this out myself the last time I did a round to get a bit off that I had gained. My recipe is a little different than the one going around, but this one sure did work for me.  I had the best round ever! 
Here is the recipe:
8 oz Purified Water, warm
1/2 Organic Lemon (Myer's) Fresh Squeezed Juice - from MasterCleanse
      Detoxifies the liver
1/8 dropper full Cayenne Pepper Extract - from MasterCleanse
      Boosts metabolism & regulates BP (Note: you may also simply use Cayenne Powder, but  I suspect the extract is more effective)
2 Capsules Cayenne Pepper
     Just to ensure there was enough to have significant effect
1 dropper full each Cinnamon Stevita & Peppermint Stevita - substituted for MasterCleanse Maple Syrup
      Makes the Toddy drinkable! & Cinnamon helps with cravings & metabolism while Peppermint soothes that cayenne burn so it doesn't hurt your tummy/exit;)
     Helps reduce cravings immensely!
     Overall health and immunity

I took this concoction twice daily.  This can also be used on Phases 3 & 4 on days when you may be consuming a bit too much carbohydrate/calories, or on a Steak Day to help boost the correction.  I don't know if omitting the Cayenne caps, Glutamine or BarleyMax is just as effective as that is not how I did it, though I have heard that some folks are getting results that way, except they don't use Stevita, they are using artificial sweeteners, which have been proven to increase cravings and I recommend against.
You can find all of the linked products in the above recipe here:

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