Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Round 3 Phase 4 Day 1

No more meat for me!
For the Steak Day I used a Laura Lynn brand (organic) rib eye from Kroger cooked on the Foreman Grill (available at my Amazon MiniStore on the site, just click the title of this entry). It only resulted in a 1.6 lb release, so it appears that the protein source is not the issue. It is likely a combination of the fact that I am apparently experiencing menopause (booHiss!) & I allowed my weight to climb too close to the set point that gave me so much trouble in P2 this round. So I was careful yesterday and still had a pound increase this AM! Still under LDW by half pound, though. We shall see how it goes tomorrow at the weigh in. I pray it won't be another Steak Day. I will do the Pudding from now on, though.
I discovered that there is glycerine in the stevia I was using (plain stevia, not SweetLeaf - this is what I get for buying it on sale) which is an alcohol sugar & can cause problems. I have stopped using it as of today & pray to find that was a contributor.
I am still sticking to P3 menus just until I am stabilized. I may start adding carbs like beans soon if I can slide with no 'Steak Days' for a while.

Dinner: Rib Eye & Apple

Brunch: Sheepra Smoothie P3
Snack: Kombucha
Dinner: Cucumber, 1/2 Avocado, Hemp Protein (3 scoops), Asian Sauce from Earth Fare, Miracle Noodles (half bag); 4 small pieces Protein Fudge

Brunch: Sheepra Smoothie P3
Dinner: Salad from new Jason's Deli (greens, olives, sprouts, artichoke hearts, banana peppers, okra), Sheepra Dressing with 3 scoops Hemp Protein & 2 T almond Butter
Dessert: 5 small pieces Protein Fudge

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