Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Grand Opening of Sheepra's HCG Stuph Amazon MiniStore!!!

the opening of the new

It is absolutely loaded with goodies that I have found to make the HCG Journey easier, more successful and FUN! I had a blast creating the store, thinking of getting to share these great items with all of you! Please let me know whatcha think, otay?

Yom Shlishi 03/25/08
Weight was 2.6 over LDW, BUT I have decided that with the confusion in getting back to my normal schedule, the impending/late TOM, and the fact that it dropped a whole pound after my morning 'constitutional' that I would forgo the Steak Day & simply cut back on my consumption today to compensate.

Still not doing all exercises (missing Back Bend over Ball, Son Salutations)

Brunch: Green Smoothie (same as yesterday but with an apple)

Dinner: Shoney's Salad (made by DH w/cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, brocc, caul, carrot, radish, sunflower seed - Thanks!) with 3 artichoke hearts in oil, some of the sunflower oil drizzled over, 7 Kalamata Olives & my own oil free P2 Dressing.

Snack: Pudding w/2 scoops Hemp Protein

Yom Revi'i 03/26/08
Waaaaah! Steak Day today. My plan didn't work:( Weight=166.8
I will go get an organic steak at Earth Fare & cook it on the George Foreman grill. Of course, it will work. Maybe then I will be back on track. Please pray for me;)

Later: Okay, Abba YHVH sent me the inspiration to create a Pudding Day to replace the Steak Day. It was wayyy more deelish than an icky ol' steak & more filling, too! Tomorrow I will tell you the recipe and how it worked!

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