Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Round 3 - Phase 3 Day 1

Very busy, but good day.
Down to 162.0, but dropped even further to 161.6 before I got my water down. I don't tabulate that second weight as it was taken at a different time than my scheduled weigh ins. It is recommended that one weigh at the same time daily to get an accurate view of progress.
Planned lots of goodies today, but didn't have time. The filter to make Sheepra Silver - Colloidal Silver came in today, finally, but it didn't have the tubing or couplings, so I had to run out & get those. Treated myself to some new comfy shoes ($7 at Wal-Mart) instead of a food treat, and I really think I'm getting the hang of that. Also bought myself a kewl giant bubble maker ($1)!
So, anyway, if you are out there waiting for your Sheepra Silver, it will be mailing out tomorrow as it is generating as I type. This delay won't happen again for 300 gallons, so it ought to be a little while, though if orders keep increasing as they have, maybe I oughta buy a backup filter sooner! This one ran me $150 with the expedited shipping, but will pay for itself shortly. Thanks to all who have been so patient! May you be blessed for it!

Breakfast: Green Smoothie with double Protein (1/2 Pea, 1/2 Hemp) + Granny Smith Apple and extra half pink grapefruit
Dinner: Tamari/Mustard/English Toffee Stevia/Celery/Half Avocado/Hemp Protein Blend done in Food Processor. VERY filling
Got a nice email from Anuj Agarwal who offered to allow me to use this awesome creation displaying some of YHVH's most beautifully 'packaged' foods on the blog. Thanks, Anuj! Enjoy!

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