Sunday, March 9, 2008

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 21 - 'New' old jeans

I am consistently amazed with my results on this HCG Protocol! Today I was able to get into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for 2 years! Hallelujah! Wore them to the movies tonight with DH Kevin. I am actually starting to feel like I look like a normal person, a woman, whereas for so long I have felt like a non-gender thing. How could I ever go back?! I hope I don't ever find the answer to that question, but if I do, I will still have hCG (if 'they' don't figure out a way to stop us).
I had a lovely orange seltzer water and Granny Smith apple at the movies while Kevin ate his corn. It smelled lovely, but I kept telling myself nothing tastes as good as slim feels! I have noticed that I am able now to truly appreciate the smells of food as 'aromatherapy' rather than something I must have a bite of. My mom advised me of this method of dealing with cravings a long time ago, but I simply could not make my brain do it. It seems that the hCG has worked yet another miracle of healing in my brain!
This afternoon I had my usual lucious Green Smoothie (recipe on HCGCoach & when I got home from the movie I had a dinner of Cucumber Lemon Ginger pudding! Yup, a brand new recipe! Actually rather good, despite the strange sound of it.
I am still adding my vites to my smoothies, puddings & soup/salads:

  • Licorice Extract (for raising my too low BP)
  • Thymus Extract (for improving my hair - yes it is animal origin YUK)
  • Probiotic
  • Vitamin D (I tested deficient prior to protocol)
  • CoQ10 (for my mitral valve prolapse)
  • Magnesium Taurate (for head, bones & colon)
  • Niacin (for hair)
  • FoTi (for hair)
I know that is a lot of stuff for hair. It is because I already am genetically predisposed to thinning hair and, I must admit that the protocol exacerbates that for some folks. So, I have noticed it getting worse with the rapid weight reduction, which is common with any weight release regimen. I have also been adding liquid extracts of burdock, foti, & nettles to my shampoo, in addition to lots of aloe. This has helped immensely!

Got more orders for Sheepra Silver today & for HCG through my affiliate link on Drug Delivery! Hallelujah! Please consider ordering your HCG through my link either here or at the coaching site as it costs you the same & I get a little commission to help me continue my dream of being your HCGCoach!
Had a .8 lb release today, so although it was going to be my last dose day, I am only .6 lbs away from making a nice even 10 lb release total for this round, so I will go one or 2 more days. Also, I had to make up another batch of mix last night, so rather than throw it out or try to save it for next round, I figure I'll use some more of it up first.
I love you all so much & pray for you daily to
Blessed, healthy, prosperous & FREE BE,


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