Sunday, March 9, 2008

Round 3 Phase 2 Day 22 - Last Day P2

163.2 today!!! Hallelujah!!! That makes it an even 10 lbs released since LDW (Last Dose Weight) from Round 2! This was my goal that I thought was unattainable this round only a few days ago. I reckon now I will go on one more day for this Phase 2 after all, even though the Ketone Stick wasn't as deep pink today as usual. If I weigh more tomorrow, then I will not do the hCG and this will have been my last day. But not likely if the Stick is showing any burning at all. It will probably be just a smaller release than I've been getting the last few days. And all since the stall seemed to have been broken by the blessed Oxy-Powder! Thanks be to YHVH!

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Brunch: The usual Green Smoothie (yum!)
Dinner: Celery Base Hot & Sour Salad/Soup
Did all scheduled exercise except dog walking.
Took one extra ml of hCG in PM dose as experiment.
Sublingual: 333 IUs/day, split into 2 doses
1500 IU mixed with
4.0 ml Colloidal Silver+0.5 ml Subl BComplex
Following Dr. Simeons Protocol
+ Organic & 99% Raw Vegan
Started Round 1 VLCD: Sept. 16, 2007
Ended Round 1 VLCD: Nov. 2, 2007
Total Release R1P2: 28.4
Started Round 2 VLCD: Jan. 2, 2008
Ended Round 2 VLCD: Jan. 22, 2008
Total Release R2P2: 18.8
Started Round 3 VLCD: Feb. 15, 2008
Ended Round 3 VLCD: Mar. 8, 2008
Total Release R3P3: 14.2
Total Bodyweight Released: 23.49%
BMI: 24.8
Grand Total Released: 48.8


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