Monday, March 24, 2008

How to Fill HCG Syringe

This post is for Muzzie! She is just starting out on her HCG Journey & she is a tiny bit over 70 yrs young! She is off to a great start, too, as her loading was impeccable!
Muzzie, I just wanted you to see how to fill your syringe as accurately as possible. The blue line on this picture is where your accurate measure is taken. You would want that part of the syringe plunger to line up with the 1/2 or 0.5 ml mark.

Well, folks, the holiday trip was a bit rough. I actually had to do a steak day as I found myself first day away 0.2 lbs away from 2 lbs over LDW, then the next day I was 3.7 over!!! So I ended up having a 12 oz Filet Mignon at The Cheesecake Factory while everyone else chowed down on a multitude of goodies. I also ordered hot water for my Ginger Snappish Tea and Pellegrino Sparkling Water to have something to handle while everyone else ate. The steak was well done & butterflied, so I figured it was a major blessing that the chef didn't come out and do a Jim Belushi harekari by our table. But I wanted it fast and as nasty free as possible. I detest having to eat meat at all, for health & moral reasons, but there were simply no other reasonable options as we were having dinner there for my darlin' nephew Michael's birthday at his request. I admit the steak was somewhat tasty (for meat) & I am sure I had the most expensive entree out of our whole party of 10, but it was a drag having to give away the lovely asparagus & snap peas I ordered on the side that came with it. My reward was 3.9 lbs gone the next morning so that I was .2 under my LDW!!! HalleluYah!!!!! He IS Good!
I may have put myself back in jeopardy, however, as I ate strangely today and was already back up to 165.0 yesterday, so we'll see what happens in the AM.
Brunch: Green Smoothie (Cantelope, Grapefruit, Stevia, BarleyMax, Hemp Protein, Romain, Blueberries)
Snack: 1.5 rows Protein Fudge
Dinner: 1 Apple, wedged, used to dip in Almond Butter freely; 1 Can Organic Vegetable Soup
Snack: 1 Sorotto Almond Snack pack (small)
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