Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Round 3 - Transition Day 2 No HCG

Be sure to check out the HCGCoach.com site at it has my new stats posted graphically and tabulated. Just click on today's blog title and it will take you there.
Released a whole pound this AM. This seems to be typical on these transition days and, in prior rounds, the weight released at this time usually comes back on quickly after the first few days of P3. So I am not too excited about it, but it is still somewhat gratifying. I am a bit surprised because yesterday I broke down & used my favorite lip balm, the Tropical Traditions brand Tea Tree flavor 3 times. I figured with hCG still in my body that it would throw me off a bit, but it didn't at all! Hallelujah! I even added a half apple pudding to my menu with no consequences. Which all leads me to believe that these transition days probably have a bit of slack built in. That is a nice bonus for getting through your P2.
Breakfast: Green Smoothie w/extra t BarleyMax
Dinner: Lemon Curry Saloup
Note: 'Saloup' is a new word coined by Cynthia Collins & me that indicates a dish that is a Salad & Soup hybrid!
All scheduled exercises except dog walk performed.

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